Official meeting between STRE International and the delegation of Ilford, Romania

2019-07-15    stre-int    

In the afternoon of November 6, 2018, the government delegation of Ilford, Romania, visited STRE International Engineering Technology Co., Ltd. in Beijing.

Under the leadership of Rizia Tudorache and Pete Popeanga, two vice governors, a delegation of Ilforf government, Romania, accompanied by Zhang Jianjun, President of the Romanian Chamber of Commerce, and Wang Tieshan, Vice-President of the Sino-Romanian Friendship Association, visited the Sutie International Headquarters in Beijing for communication and visits. Gao Yong, Marketing Director and Fang Li, Technical Director of STRE International, attended the meeting.

Romania is the third country in the world to establish diplomatic relations with P.R.C. Since the establishment of diplomatic relations, the two countries have maintained friendly and cooperative relations. Ilforf Province is located in the southwest of Romania, surrounded by the capital Bucharest, with a residential population of 460,000. With a developed economy, regional GDP accounts for 27% of Romania's GDP, and per capita income exceeds the average level of EU per capita income.

On behalf of the company, the leader of STRE International first warmly welcomed the delegation of Ilford government, Romania, and introduced the participants of STRE International. Then, Vice Governor Rizia Tudorache of Ilforf Province, Romania briefly introduced the social and economic situation of Ilforf Province and the members of the delegation at the meeting, and expressed his privilege to come to STRE International for communication.

Mr. Gao Yong, Marketing Director, presided over the meeting and introduced the basic situation of the company. Then, Mr. Gao emphatically introduced the comprehensive utilization of biomass pyrolysis/gasification technology and the operation mode of such projects. The delegation listened, and then the members highly affirmed the environmental and economic benefits brought by the promotion of this technology, and inquired into and discussed the issues of concern. With discussion, the delegation members had a better understanding of the scope and application scenarios of the technology.

At the meeting, Remus Trandafir, Director-General of the Investment Bureau of Ilforf Province, also answered the relevant policies and subsidies to place the project in Romania and said that he would provide the greatest help and support.

In an open and friendly atmosphere, the two parties held more than two hours of full discussions. And both high-level officials have expressed strong cooperation intentions and positive attitudes.

In the evening, the company leaders warmly welcomed the Romanian delegation and achieved further understanding and consensus between the two parties, which laid a good foundation for the cooperation in the future.