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Stre international is committed to international engineering project development and EPC implementation, carrying out the implementation of overseas projects in the countries along the belt and road. It mainly focuses on the development of clean energy in developing countries, dedicated to the technological development, investment, construction and operation of biomass energy and environmental engineering, including biomass gasification and power generation. Biomass gasification cogeneration, biomass gasification energy management, while adhering to the influence of Nannan Financial Investment Group in developing countries and other advantages.

Stre International is also committed to the construction of new countryside in China, and participates in the investment, construction and operation of projects such as the treatment and comprehensive utilization of agricultural wastes.

As the main shareholder of Stre International, Stre Construction has won wide acclaim for its infrastructure construction, municipal public works, housing construction, highway and railway projects. At the same time, we are committed to international engineering construction, such as having the highest construction qualification of Angolan Ministry of Engineering in Africa, the right of design and operation, the right of import and export of Angolan Ministry of Commerce, the joint venture company in South Africa, and the long-term business agency in Kuwait.